Friday, April 3, 2015

How To Make A My Little Pony Bleach T-Shirt

This is a t-shirt I made for my oldest son, who happens to be a Brony and got a little jealous of his brothers t-shirt I made of Discord  a while back. His Favorite is Apple Jack.

My first attempt at this was a complete failure! I mixed the bleach with water I over sprayed, because I didn't see the bleach reaction. It made the t-shirt all wet and all I got was a white blob. As you can see the t-shirt my son is wearing is different from the instructional pictures.

What You Will Need

Picture Of your favorite My Little Pony Character
Glue Stick
Peel and stick shelving paper
Exacto knife
Cutting board
Garbage bag
Spray bottle

    • Find a picture of your favorite MLP on the net.
    • Print it out. For this t-shirt I had it on two pieces of paper (set your printer to do this)
    • Glue and paste together 
    • Use spry adhesive and light spay the back of the paper and stick onto peel and stick shelving paper 
    • With an exacto knife, on a cutting board, cut out the cutie marks. save the cutouts
    • Cut out the pony
    • Use chalk to mark the stencil's position on the t-shirt. Peel and stick the shelving paper stencil onto the t-shirt
    • Using the "pony cutout" place it back into the stencil . Peel the backing of the cutie marks and place into the hole of the "pony cutout" so it sticks to the t-shirt 
    • Remove the "pony cutout" the cutie marks remain on the t-shirt 
    •  Put  piece of cardboard  into the t-shirt to protect the back of the shit. Fill a spray bottle with bleach. Do NOT water down 
    • Put a garbage bag on the surface you want to protect. Lightly spray the t-shit. It takes about 2 to 3 minutes for the bleach to work for this t-shit I only sprayed  2 times 
    • Remove the stencil. Rinse the bleach out in the sink or on the rinse cycle on your washing machine
    • Hang to dry
    • Enjoy