Ez Pumpkin Carving

For years I pinned, taped, even begged the stencil to stay put. Then, if I had magically transferred the pattern perfectly and figured out the maze of holes, I couldn't put any weight onto the pumpkin for fear of braking it. There had to be a better way!

Here you will learn my EZ Pumpkin Carving technique. Print the stencil, spray the back of it with spray adhesive, glue it on the pumpkin, carve, THEN gut the pumpkin.


Make two copies. One is used as a stencil, the other as a reference

Solid gray you cut out
Lined gray you scrape
White you don't touch
I have reworked this stencil you can find it under the "Free Stencil" tab

Tools that You will need

Thin saw

Wood Carving Tools

Spray Adhesive

Glue the stencil onto the pumpkin

Make sure the pumpkin is dry
Spray the back of the stencil and stick it onto the pumpkin
Keep on playing with it so you have the lest amount of wrinkles

Cut Out The Solid Gray

Use The Wood Carving Tool/Knife To Outline The Lined Gray Areas

Useing A Wood Carving Tool Scrap The Lined Gray Areas

Cut The Lid

Make it an odd shape, and angle the cut down, so the lid doesn't fall in

Gut The Pumpkin

Thin the inside of the pumpkin

Instead of thinning the whole pumpkin thin the back of the design. Do this by putting your hand on the outside of the pumpkin design. and scrape. When you feel the scraper moving up and down the pumpkin it's at the right thickness (about 2 inches)

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