This blog is an eclectic group of ideas and I hope one or all will interest you.

The name of my blog came from a line from one of my favorite songs "England in the Rain" by Nasher (yes that Nasher from Frankie Goes to Hollywood) "Always keep your ideas cutting against the grain"

Under the Ez Pumpkin Carving tap I show you a new and easy way to carve a pumpkin. Use spray adhesive to turn your stencil into a sticker, stick onto your pumpkin and carve. No transferring of the stencil at all. I also gut the pumpkin after I've carved, it it makes for a sturdier pumpkin. I've also included free stencils that I've made for you to use.

"Don't Quote Me On That" is where you'll hear me spouting off on everyday life

Enjoy your stay

Yes That "Vickie" is me :-)

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