Free Pumpkin Stencils

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This Halloween Elsa will be the most sort out carving pattern on the net. Here you can have it free. This my seem like a difficult carving template but I have created a better way of carving, and I've been using this technique for over 7 years now:
1. Print out 2 stencil's one to put on the pumpkin one as a reference
2. Spray back of pattern with spray adhesive (you have just made yourself a giant sticker)
3. Stick onto the pumpkin
4. Cut the black of her out
5. Use a sharp thumb tack poke hole close together to outline the gray of Elsa's face start at the most detailed areas inside the eyes ..inside the lips
6. Remove the stuck on stencil
7. Scrape the gray
8. Cut lid and gut the pumpkin Yes I do this after the craving is finished. I find this gives the pumpkin more stability, you don't have a thin flimsy pumpkin to work with
9. Thin the inside of the pumpkin where the pattern is by scraping the inside with a scraper while having your hand over her face. when you can feel the scraper scraping on the inside on your hand that's when you know you have scraped enough of the pumpkin to stop. You don't have to thin the whole pumpkin just the area where the pattern is

Scrap the gray

Black = Cut
Gray = Scrape


Black: Cut

Black: Cut
Gray: Scrape skin

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