Sunday, August 24, 2014

Disney Frozen Olaf Pumpkin Carving Pattern

Another free Frozen carving Pattern. Olaf .... Anna will be coming soon

Olaf the lovable character from the movie Frozen. Who wouldn't want this stencil on their pumpkin?

1. Print out 2 stencils one for reference one to stick onto the pumpkin
2. Spray the back of the pattern with spray adhesive
3. Stick onto the pumpkin, and smooth out the wrinkles
4. With a sharp thumb tack outline the gray areas of the nose and the twigs on Olaf's head
5. Cut all the black areas
6. Pull the stencil off
7. Scrape the nose and the twig hair
8. Cut a lid and then gut the pumpkin. Yes this is the time to gut the pumpkin, if you do it before you are working on a weaker pumpkin
9. Thin the inside of the pumpkin: Place your hand over the pumpkin that was cut as to not brake it
 I have pictured details here: Ez Pumpkin Carving Happy Carving

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